Music I’m Loving Right Now Vol IV – Chilled Out Winter Days Playlist

I am such a homebody as soon as sweater weather hits, I literally have to force myself to leave the house to go to work or to pick up groceries to ensure my survival. Socialising, well you can forget about that, I am not leaving the house unless it’s a life or death situation.  So to fill my time I read, watch tv and study…ooh très excitant! And I also spend a weird amount of time curating perfect playlists for the mood I’m in…so here is the Chilled Out Winter Days Playlist  

This playlist features some rather eclectic songs and genres…like who’d thought a film soundtrack reworking of a classic Punk Song (Hong Kong Garden I’m looking at you) would fit into a playlist with Korean Hip-Hop and soft indie folk…I think it does…this would be rather embarrassing if it doesn’t…Please tell me it does! 

Also is it just me or does Sofia Coppola have such awesome soundtracks to her movies, Lost in Translation is one of the first films that I watched as a child that made me fall in love with cinema and I have watched it a million times since, and that soundtrack is just so iconic! I’ve also been obsessed with the soundtrack to Goblin which is honestly one of the best Korean Drama’s I’ve ever watched (and believe me I have devoured many!!!) and considering much of the series is set in Winter the soundtrack is perfect for this playlist. And the final soundtrack goodness that found it’s way onto this playlist is Ryuichi Sakamoto’s Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence, this classical piece is sublimely beautiful and considering Christmas is in the title I can be my festive song of the playlist.