Study Hard

As you all may know I am currently studying French as part of my degree and it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to learn. Throughout school I just kind of coasted through all my subjects, I was lucky enough to not have to try very hard. Regrettably, this meant that I didn’t try hard and while I came out with really good grades, if I had applied myself then I could have come out with exceptional grades instead. This hindsight came a little too late but I guess I’m making up for it now. Half of my degree is in English Literature which comes very easily to me because I love reading and analysing things but learning a whole new language is infinitely complex. So now I’ve got the chance to prove to myself that I can put the effort in and study hard so that I can achieve something rather wonderful…I have the chance to learn a new language that will open up so many new doors for me, both personally and professionally.



Find the motivation – what will make you keep going even when it feels like your getting nowhere? If you have something worth striving for then you’ll keep at it.

Get some Coffee (or Matcha if you’ve been drinking to much coffee recently) – Energy is always needed on long hard days of studying. (Especially in the winter!!)

Take a Break – For every hour of studying take 15 to 20 mins to recharge so that you can stay focused on the task and not feel like it’s all blurring into one humungous pile of confusion.

Write don’t Type – As writing on paper takes more concentration than typing your more likely to remember your taking notes on – plus it gives you the chance to use all those funky notepads you’ve bought and never used.

Repeat – Repetition is key, it’s how we form habits and remember so, keep repeating and you’ll find it easier to study hard and you’ll actually remember what you’re studying.

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