5 Reasons Why I’m Obsessed With Kingdom And Why You Will Be Too!

Kingdom is Netflix’s new original Korean Period Drama with a twist, yes there is a Zombie outbreak! Directed by first time TV Director (he’s made quite a few films, A Hard Day and The Tunnel) and written by Kim Seong-hun who was behind Signal, one of the most critically acclaimed and popular cable TV Dramas of the decade in Korea.


The marriage of period drama and zombies is quite frankly genius, with Zombies going mainstream with tv shows like The Walking Dead, the undead started to lose their appeal. But with a fresh period setting new life has been breathed into the genre.


For Netflix’s first foray into original Korean content this cast is impeccable. Kingdom is headlined by Ju Ji-hoon and Bae Doona who are currently some of the most recognisable faces from Korean Cinema. Ju Ji-hoon plays a crown prince searching for answers and Bae Doona plays a small town nurse who first encounters the undead!

Bae Doona - Kingdom.gif


While the Zombies are horrifying so are the living and breathing people! Class systems, poverty and power hungry rivalries make some characters do some pretty awful things, including the source of the zombie outbreak!!!

Horror - Kingdom - zombies.gif


A TV series about Zombies has never looked so beautiful. This is a masterfully shot drama that oozes style and substance. And standing at only 6 episodes long, you can tell an immense amount of detail has gone into crafting this aesthetically stunning drama.

Cinematography - Kingdom.gif


Censorship be gone! Hello blood, guts and gore! Anyone who has watched Korean Dramas before know that certain things don’t get aired on national TV, and often if present (Say a gun or a knife, or a bloody wound) they will simply be blurred out which is quite jarring (to begin with especially) as it takes you right out of the action of whats happening. So thankfully as this is a true Netflix Original it will not have to pander to broadcasting rules in Korea!

Horror - Kingdom.gif

Have you been convinced? Then go see what the hype is all about, and be warned you may just binge watch this short little series in one sitting!

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