Hello and welcome to our blog Charlotte & Cate, this little page is here so that you can get to know a bit more about us. Or you could read every single one of our blog posts and use them to create a jigsaw puzzle that makes up who we are…no?…it is a lot easier to just read this page if your new around here


I am the brains behind the operation and I may as well claim the beauty while I am here too. No, I joke! I don’t even know why I said that. I am Charlotte, I am a little bit crazy but normality is overrated – At least that’s what I tell myself.

I love to create I guess one might say ‘I am crafty by nature crafty by name’. I enjoy writing, singing and acting too, as well as marvelling at our wonderful universe (I  have an obsession with astronomy and can spend hours just gazing up at the stars),  I occasionally sew and when I am not being anti-social I like hanging out with friends!


Hey there, I am Cate (yes with a C just to be awkward, or totally copying Cate Blanchett you decide). I love films, like really really love them, I could spend the whole day in a Cinema glued to the big screen. I also am quite partial to Television Shows too from Game of Thrones to the latest Korean TV Drama’s, I’m watching it all.

Besides my time in front of a screen I enjoy Reading, Writing, Drawing, Photography, Failing epically in the kitchen, Fashion and Supporting the environment. Call me Hippy Dippy but we really need to focus on the world around us and save all the beautiful creatures and their habitats before it’s regrettably too late. So me in a nutshell: Film lover, TV enthusiast, Eco Warrior, Feminist, Camera clicker, Bad cook, Aspiring Polyglot, Pretentious Art Freak and 1 in 7 billion humans currently on Earth.